Cake Decorating - How To Make Your Icing Smooth And Even

Lastly, put whipped topping on the cake. Then, use the sliced or whole strawberries to decorate the top portion of the cake. You can arrange the strawberries in a circular manner or spell out a word (in case you plan to give the cake as a present).

Next, put a layer of the cake on a serving plate. Spread yogurt on top of the cake. Afterwards, top the cake with another layer. Put the remaining amount of yogurt on top of the second layer, and even to the sides. Sprinkle bits of bacon or beef jerky strips all over the cake, or use the bacon bits to spell out “Happy Birthday”. You may even put birthday candles on top of the cake.

And who doesn't like or appreciate choices?! In addition, it is a great crowd pleaser for children, who for some reason hold a special affinity for such treats. Maybe it's because they are just the right size and seem specially made for their tiny hands.

In addition, if you have scheduled the baby shower after the baby was born, you can also ask for a picture of the baby and have professional cake decorators create an edible cake design using the picture of the baby.

The real result that is definitely desired from diabetic recipes is always to have a reduced amount of sugar but not to lose any sweetness to the taste in the finished meal. Experimenting using a reduced amount of sugar or even sweetners can take a long time with results tasting anywhere from strange to totally inedible.

There is nothing quite like a cake to make you feel special on your birthday or anniversary. You may avail the benefit of shopping online and send cakes to India, for a special someone. You may have family living abroad and with these online marts it’s a lot easier to send cakes abroad either for friends or family.

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Preparing for a child shower party can be a tedious task. You need to define the visitor list. You need to conceptualize the theme, print and send the invitations, and then prepare for the special date itself.

I love to study history of food. In my book "The Timeless Art of Italian Cuisine - Centuries of Scrumptious Dining", there is extensive information about culinary history of the various regions of Italy. I tried to trace the origin of Tiramisu' investigating many Italian cookbooks.

Icing or frosting is the creamy topping added to baked goods, such as cakes and cupcakes for decorating purposes. The icing sheets are printed with specially formulated cake ink and are designed to lie on top of the frosting layer. They are generally used as edible paper and mostly made from ingredients such as corn and rice starch and sugar. These sheets allow printing of photos and detailed images to be used for cake decoration. Gone are those days when commercial bakeries offered frosting sheets for cakes and cookies, now home bakers can print them at home from their personal computer printers.